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Computer Science is an exciting, growing field with career opportunities at all degree levels. If you want to learn how computers can be used to solve pressing societal challenges, we invite you to join our Department.  We are always looking for more good students. Not only will you receive an outstanding education at MSU, but you will be able to complete your degree in what is arguably the most ideally situated university in the United States for outdoor activities!

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Undergraduate Degree and Options

Graduate Degrees

Choosing a Degree

Which one is right for you? This depends on your situation. Review the information below and then select the link for the degree that interests you most.

The Bachelor of Science Degree

This degree is intended for students who

  • have never attended a college or university.

  • may have attended a college or university but did not complete a degree and now want to transfer to MSU to finish a degree

  • already have a degree in some other discipline and now want a second degree in computer science (such students should also review the possibilities under the Master of Science degree)

The Bachelor's degree prepares students for a wide variety of careers that utilize computing.

Visit the Bachelor's Degree page to learn more.

The Master of Science Degree

The Master of Science degree is generally intended for students who

  • have a Bachelor's degree in computer science already and want to learn advanced topics in computer science in more depth in order to enhance their career prospects

  • have a degree at the Bachelor's level or higher in some other discipline but want to learn computer science in order to meet career objectives

Note that although we strongly encourage good computer science students to enter the MS program, we also welcome students into our program who have undergraduate degrees in disciplines other than computer science.

The Master's degree prepares students for careers as software engineers and computing specialists in companies of all sizes. Some of the leading technical companies prefer to hire Master's students. Generally, Master's degree holders receive a starting salary that is substantially higher than that for Bachelor's degree holders and are hired to work on more technically advanced projects.

Visit the Master's Degree page to learn more.

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy degree (normally called the "PhD degree") is generally intended for students who

  • have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science already

  • want to pursue a career in academia as a faculty member in computer science, or who

  • intend to pursue a career in research at research laboratories or in private industry

The rigorous program of study leading to a PhD degree prepares a student to be able to extend the base of knowledge about computer science through independent research. Positions for PhDs exist in both institutions of higher education and in industry.  This excellent article by Mor Harchol-Balter of Carnegie-Mellon University describes the PhD process.

Visit the Doctor of Philosophy Degree page to learn more.

Updated: 29-Jul-2014