Assignment 4.1

Web Repositories

Due Monday, October 27

After hunting down the programming assignments that have been turned into me variously as hardcopy, tarred and zipped files, web page links, and so forth, I have come to the conclusion that we need a better and more uniform system for a couple of reasons.

Not surprising, then, is the conclusion that the most uniform and convenient place for reviewing code is on a web site. Some of you have already done this in order to make your programs available to the rest of the class.  So, as part of  your assignment for this week, I would like to ask you all to put your code for all of your assignments to date (and the ones to come) in a repository on your web site.  To make this uniform, I suggest the following:

where each title is linked to the appropriate program.  The idea is that any of us should be able to get to your programs by typing

and following the appropriate link. 

I think that this should make it easier for all of us.  If there are any better suggestions, or if this causes you to exceed your memory bounds, please let me know.