Assignment 5

Presentation Web Page and Programming Assignment

Due Wednesday, November 12, Wednesday November 19

Presentation Web Page

Read the Presentation page on this web site. By Wednesday, November 12 you should have as much of this site constructed as you can.  I want to be able to access the page after this date and provide feedback to you.

Last Programming Assignment

As your last programming assignment, I want you to complete your LR parsing program to create either

You should also be able to parse programs (simply give an "OK" or "NOT OK" result).

The SLR parse table should be relatively simple to construct since you have the program for the FOLLOW sets already working.  The LR(1) parse table generation will be more of a challenge, and hence, if you do this one it will be noted as "extra credit").

This piece is due by Wednesday, November 19.


Please recheck assignment 4-1.  I am unable to reach the assigned repositories for some of you.