EE 548 - Advanced Topics in Communications Systems

Spring 2004

Bob Wall

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Papers to Read

IPv6 Papers
"Internet Protocol Version 6" A student research paper with a good introduction to IPv6 features.
"Whatever Happened to the Next-Generation Internet?" Another description, with some notes about implementation problems.
"Understanding IPv6" A higher-level introduction.
"The Adoption of IPv6" Some additional details about the migration to IPv6.
"Security at the Internet Layer" A summary of IPSec features.
Next Topic

Turbo Codes

"Decoding and Applications (Powerpoint)"

This is my final project paper: "AI Techniques for Turbo Decoding (Word)"


Risks Addressed by IPSec

Encryption/authentication techniques

Export problems can hamper deployment of IPSec implementations.

IP Security Protocols

Two modes of use:

Key Management

Phases of key exchange:

Implementation Strategies

The IETF's IPSec Working Group

The IPSec working group page

Current short-term work items:

Shedule items:

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