EE 565 - Parallel and Associative Processors

Fall 2003

Bob Wall

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One of our biggest tasks for the semester was to choose a project to implement in a Xilinx FPGA. The project could be implemented on parallel soft microprocessors or as a data flow architecture. I decided to implement as much as I could of a hardware JPEG image compressor.

Here is my project proposal. (It's in Microsoft Word format - here's an HTML version).

Here is my final report on the project. (Also in Microsoft Word format.)

And here is the presentation I gave. (In Microsoft PowerPoint format.)

Here are a number of the files that I produced as part of the project:
Source code for Microblaze project.c
.MPD file for JPEG device opb_jpeg_v2_0_0.mpd
.PAO file for JPEG device opb_jpeg_v2_0_0.pao
Top-level VHDL for JPEG device opb_jpeg.vhd
Implementation VHDL (a stub, actually) for JPEG device core jpeg_core.vhd

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