CSCI 540 Advanced Database Systems Fall 2013

Grading Policy

40% of your grade will be homework assignments and quizzes. These will be scored as follows:
45% of your grade will be based on the quality of your final project paper. You will be assigned a letter grade corresponding numerically to the upper end of the ranges above. These values will then be incorporated into your weighted final grade:

15% of your grade will be based on the quality of your oral presentation. The following grades will be assigned with the above numeric values used in calculating your weighted final grade:
If you fall within one percentage point of the next grade higher, I will look at your grade on the final project. If this grade justifies you being in the next higher category, I will give you the next higher grade.


You score an average of 93 on assignments and quizzes, get an A- in your project paper and a B in your oral presentation. Your grade would be calculated as:

(0.40 * 93) + (0.45 * 92) + (0.15 * 86) = 91.15
You would receive an A- grade since your score falls between 90 and 93.