Christophe G. Lambert

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Christophe Lambert, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of New Mexico
Center for Global Health
Division of Translational Informatics
Department of Internal Medicine
BRF # 323A, MSC10-5550
915 Camino de Salud NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131
+1 (505) 272-9709

Email: christophe.lambert[at]

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About me

After 14 years as a CEO in the bioinformatics industry, in the fall of 2013 I joined the faculty of the Computer Science department at Montana State University to teach a graduate course in Semantic Web technologies, perform research, and contribute to the organizational excellence of the department.  In the summer of 2014 I took a tenure track faculty position at the University of New Mexico. My new contact information is above.

What is not reflected in my list of peer-reviewed publications is a large number of webcasts, conference presentations and influential blog articles analyzing and making recommendations to improve the national and global research and development enterprise. For instance, recent presentations that I gave at the Sante Fe Institute, the University of New Mexico Center for Global Health, and the Veteran's Administration describe through the lenses of Cybernetics (requisite variety) and other systems thinking approaches why decentralized systems of autonomous self-governing intelligent agents are the most theoretically viable mechanisms to managing complex systems.  Much as the worldwide web is controlled by no one centrally, but by all the actors in a system in a decentralized manner, the same needs to be done to create a national and global collaborative approach to sharing data and creating means for inference across physical and intellectual silos. Such an approach must come through standards bodies like the W3C, in concert with scientists with deep expertise in their domains. My scientific background spans computer science, statistics, genomics, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electronic health records, and systems modeling.

I founded Golden Helix Inc. ( in 1998 in Bozeman, MT, and served as its President and CEO until April 2013. I continue to serve as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Golden Helix software and services empowers scientists to accelerate research productivity, determine the genetic causes of disease, develop diagnostics and advance the quest for personalized medicine. Serving hundreds of researchers on six continents, its customers include the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research organizations. At Golden Helix, I set organizational vision and strategic direction for over 14 years. I raised investment capital, authored funded grants, and lead change management efforts. I cultivated a highly capable executive team of managers and managers of managers to carry out business operations, developing and managing organizational systems, including sales & marketing, software development, product management, services delivery, human resources, legal, finance, and customer service. I sustained scientific and thought leadership for the company through publication and speaking, with widely attended webcasts and popular blog articles that advocate for systemic improvement of healthcare and research. I continually engaged in organizational excellence initiatives, integrating multiple systems disciplines for strategic and operational excellence and innovation, including Theory of Constraints, System Dynamics, Requisite Organization, Action Science, TRIZ, Cybernetics, and the Scientific Method. One measure of our success has been that over 800 peer-reviewed publications have cited the use of Golden Helix software to accomplish research objectives.