African Hats

Now we'll take you to Africa to investigate some of the fun types of hats you may encounter there.


The Kofia is just one of the hats you may find in Africa. It is a brimless hat that is flat on the top and is generally worn by men. In East Africa it is worn by those of Swahili culture and is also worn in West Africa, though there it is called a Kufi.

Interesting Fact: Kofia means hat in Swahili.

Here is a the Swahilian song, "Jambo Bwana". Jambo means hello in Swahili. If you see someone wearing a Kofia maybe they could help you translate the words in this song!


A fez is similar in style to the kofia as it is also a brimless hat. Though the fez is made out of a red felt like material and generally has a tassel affixed to the top. This hat originated in the Morocco though it was later popularized be the Ottoman Empire.

Interesting Fact: The Shriners, an American organization, is known to wear fez hats.

Can't get enough hats?

Here is a video with even more hats from Africa!