Inlab 6: Numerical Integration

Due: Monday 18 July at 6:00 pm



This is an individual assignment, though collaboration (not solution sharing) is allowed.

Problem Statement

This is an exciting lab. You will be building an application that will numerically integrate any function. Don't panic, you do not need to know calculus to accomplish this assignment. One of the techniques you will learn in calculus is how to calculate the area under a curve (graph). This technique is called integration. This lab will approximate the integral of a function by adding up various rectangles. An explanation and example can be found here.




This part is not graded at all, but if you want to try to solve a puzzle, see how few lines of code you can add to solve the problem. I do not consider lines with just a bracket "{" to be a line of code. I can do it with one line, but it is super ugly.


By Monday afternoon at 6:00 pm, submit the file and questions.txt into the appropriate D2L dropbox folder. DO NOT SUBMIT .class files.

Grading - 10 points