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Whatever brought you here, you should be able to find there (or at least soon - migrating content has been a little tedious)! Don't worry - I have the website and all of the content saved. If you are looking for something specific, or you got to this page from a link else where please email me and I will be more than delighted to share it and/or discuss it with you.

What am I doing in Michigan at MSUv2.0?

In short, the COOLEST things. I am working at iPRoBe lab working on Computer Vision topics, specifically multispectral scene understanding. Scene understanding refers to an ability for a computer to derive meaning from an image. For example, if an image has a human and a horse, can we tell if it's a race or is it a polo match? Multispectral takes this to a deeper level. Instead of a simple visual input we have more information, such as infrared, radar, or lidar. I am working on improving a computer's ability to understand the scene with this extra information.