CSCI 215 - Ethics in CS

Class M - Th: 4:15 - 5:20 PM(GAINS Hall 30)
Recitations T, Th: 5:30 - 6:35 PM
Office Hours T-W: 2:30 - 3:30 PM (GAINS Hall 30) And on request

Syllabus Summer 2016 Syllabus
Homework Homework Rubric
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Submit Ethical Extra Credit Dilemma

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Course Material

Class Slides Homework Etc.
Class 1: Intro Homework 1 - Introduction
Class 2: Social Media Homework 2 - Social Media, Software Engineering, and Privacy Rights
Class 3: Bugs & Software Engineering Homework 3 - NSA, Hackers, and Basic Safety
Class 4: Privacy Rights Homework 4 - Intellectual Property, Piracy, Internet
Class 5: NSA Homework 5 - Documentary
Class 6: NSA and Hackers
Class 7: hacktivisims, slactivism
Class 8: Security Basics
Class 10: Malware
Class 11: Free Software, Open Source, Freeware
Class 12: Intellectual Property
Class 13: Pirating
Class 14: Internet
Class 15: AI Udacity Machine Learning Course
Class 16: Robots
Guest Lecturer: Turing
Class 17: Classic Ethics Sublimental: Classic Ethics
Class 18: History Guest Speakers: Exploring Ethics in Data and Technology Research


Subject to Change

Make Up Recitations

You may “make up” up to 2 recitations with no penalty (You are still expected to review the material for that day on your own).


  1. Choose 3 articles/videos from the homework options that YOU HAVE NOT already reviewed for homework from any previous homework
  2. Submit a PDF to the dropbox on the course's D2l called "Recitations". Your PDF should contain the following:
    • A one paragraph summary FOR EACH OF THE 3 ARTICLES. This should demonstrate you've read/watched the entire article/video, not just read the summary.
    • One paragraph analysis FOR EACH OF THE 3 ARTICLES. Write how you interpreted the material and what opinions you have of it.


Retros (short for Retrospectives) in this class are an opportunity to look back on the previous week and assess what went well and what didn't. It gives you a chance to influence the direction of the class so you can get what you need/want out of it. No more waiting until the end of the semester to say "I HATE that the instructor uses Star Trek in all her examples".


  1. Open the Retro Sheet: Our Retro
  2. Brainstorm: fill the form with anything and everything you can think of for the past week. There are no wrong answers.
    • Note: there are no wrong answers, but please consider feedback such as "the slides have too much text" instead of something like "the instructor sucks" - it will be much easier to fix items that are actionable
  3. Analyze: I will comb over the feedback.
  4. Vote: generally, most feedback is straightforward and no class action will be required, however if there is a gray area we will discuss/vote in class. Weighted votes take place here: Weighted Topics Vote