Melissa R Dale

Office Hours - Need Help? Want to talk?

Office Hours

Mondays-Wednesdays: 10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: EPS 348 (office map)

By Appointment: Anytime!

Virtual Office: When I am Available

Location: Google Hangouts
(see explanation below)


For the most up-to-date ideas on my office availability, please refer to the calendar on the bottom of this page.

BETA: Virtual Office Want to talk face to virtual face? Love video conferencing? Check out if I'm hanging out in my virtual office, courtesy of Google Hangouts. Note: if it says I am on the hangout but I do not show up on the screen, I have likely stepped away from the computer momentarily. I will likely be back shortly.

How does 'Virtual Office' Work? It's simply a Google hangout I let run when I'm "in my office" without the microphone or camera running. When you Click on the link and join the hangout, I will (or I should) hear the notification sound that somebody has joined, at which point I will turn on the microphone and camera. If I don't hear the notification, just start talking and I will probably hear that! Isn't that easy?