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Address: Department of Computer Science
Montana State University
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Rafal A. Angryk

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Montana State University(MSU), and founding director of our Data Mining Laboratory. I tend to call my school a Yellowstone University, since we are located about 80 miles from this magical place. :)

l enjoy living in foothills of the Rocky Mountains, being able to hike and ride my motorcycle in summer, and ski in winter (a few times, I even managed to do all these things in the same day). I also enjoy working on meaningful research projects with teams of highly-motivated scientists, and teaching our students on the topics directly related to my research.

I think what excites me the most about Data Mining (my area of expertise) is the ability of this field to contribute to multiple aspects of our lives. I enjoy interdisciplinary research and consider Data Mining as a perfect field for building collaborations between different disciplines of science, as well as highly beneficial for industry.

Before coming to Bozeman, MT in 2004, I was living in New Orleans, where I completed my Ph.D. in the EECS Department at Tulane University. I graduated a year before Hurricane Katrina hit this beautiful city... I wish this would have never happened...

During my doctoral studies, I have been conducting research on Intelligent Database Agents for Geospatial Knowledge Integration, under supervision of Dr Frederick E. Petry, an NRL Scientist at the Stennis Space Center (NASA) and an IEEE Fellow. I have also worked in the areas of Fuzzy Databases and Geographic Information Systems.

My main interests lie in the Data Mining area, and specifically in the challenge of new knowledge acquisition from real-life, massive databases. Since my arrival to the MSU my research has been funded by NSF, NASA(currently the major contributor), Right Now Technologies (currently part of Oracle), Intergraph Corporation, and by the College of Engineering. More detailed description of my professional interests can be found in my research section, and my publications are listed here.