CSCI 540 - Advanced Databases

The goal of this course is to present in detail a number of advanced concepts of database systems, using spatial databases as a main platform. The concepts include: multi-dimensional indexing techniques, advanced data modeling methods, data warehousing, and a few emerging database topics. The lectures should provide graduate students with sufficient foundation to conduct their own, but supervised research in the field of databases. Significant part of the course will be devoted to students' individual research, conducted during work on graduate projects. The students are encouraged to extend the material presented during the course by individual studies and by the development of projects intersecting their own research interests and the gathered database expertise. At the end of the course, students should be able to: (1) Understand concepts of spatial databases, (2) Understand methodology of data warehousing, (3) Develop projects involving processing of large repository of complex data, (4) Present their findings on the conducted research in the form of scientific publication.

The web page of this course can be found here and sample of Syllabus is here.

Credits: 3 Lec
Offered: Fall Semester in Odd Years
Audience: Graduate Students