At MSU, I teach regularly 1 low-level programming course (i.e. CSCI 112 - Programming with C), and 3 advanced courses on data storage, processing and analysis (i.e. CSCI 440 - Database Systems, CSCI 540 - Advanced Databases, and CSCI 550 - Data Mining). I would like to strongly encourage MSU's students to consider them for their curricula. For brief information on my courses, please click specific links on the left.

Many students consider me a strict teacher, mostly because I do not allow extensions on submission deadlines, make-up tests, etc. I want you to know that almost all of my teaching policies are motivated purely by my decision of treating all students equally. I often negotiate submission deadlines with my students, but after the decision is made - I do not make exceptions. I would like to encourage you to read my My General Class Policies, before registering for any of my classes.

And one more thing - Here is My Brief Note on My Plagiarism Philosophy:

Taking ideas (either by direct quotation or by paraphrase) from print, electronic or even hand-written sources without using end-of-sentence parenthetical documentation is called plagiarism. Plagiarism also occurs when students copy word-for-word a sentence or passage from a source without placing double quotation marks around those words. A good Internet site for learning how to document sources is A Guide for Writing Research Papers.

The persons who are caught plagiarizing a work will receive an immediate and final grade of "F" in my course. Names of the persons, who are involved in plagiarism, will be reported directly to the Dean of Students office (Room: SUB 120, Phone: (406) 994-2826).