Teaching Statement

As my research is in the intersection of Mathematics and Computer Science, the classes that I enjoy teaching are also in this intersection; for example, Discrete Matheatics, Computational Topology, and Computational Geometry. In these courses, there is a process that the students must learn. Students can memorize particular examples, but they cannot solve new problems unless they have learned the process of how to solve the problems. My teaching style emphasizes that the material should be understood, not memorized.

Teaching Experiences

  • Computational Geometry and Topology
    Instructor, MSU, Spring 2017 (Topology)
    Instructor, MSU, Spring 2016 (Geometry and Topology)
    Co-Instructor, CMU, Spring 2013 (Geometry)
    Instructor, IST Austria, 2011-2012 (General Topology)

  • Advanced Algorithm Topics
    Instructor, MSU, Fall 2017
    Instructor, MSU, Fall 2016
    Instructor, MSU, Fall 2015

  • Algorithms (Graduate)
    Instructor, MSU, Spring 2017

  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
    Co-Instructor, Duke, Spring 2009 [Lecture Notes]

    ***I received a teaching award from Duke CS for co-instructing this course.***

  • An Overview of Computer Science
    Teaching Observer, Duke, Spring 2008

    Example lab on RSA: prelab and lab

  • Calculus III
    Grader and Mentor, SJU, Spring 2007
    Grader and Mentor, SJU, Fall 2006
    Grader and Mentor, SJU, Spring 2006

  • Business Calculus.
    Recitation Leader, SJU, Spring 2004