CSCI 482R: Interdisciplinary Capstone Instruction

Fall 2015

Date Lecture Topic Reading Graded Events
08.27 Course Introduction    
09.03 Potential Partners
09.10 Potential Project Presentations from external stakeholders
(PFL, Environmental Analysis Lab, ShareLift)

09.17 All groups must be formed
We will meet so that we can all share our projects

Attendance required 

10.01 Writing a Technical Report
Writing a Proposal
Making a Poster  
Writing in Engineering (ppt)
CSU Guide
An Effective Poster 
Sample 1   Sample 2

10.15   PowerPoint Presentations   Presentation Advice  
10.29   Discuss Progress on Proposals
11.05 Proposals   Proposal (70%)
11.12 Proposal Feedback    
11.26   Thanksgiving! (no class)
12.03 Plan on 15 minute presentations. We will meet for 2 hours.
Mandatory attendance.
Bring your final copy of the proposal 
  Proposal Presentations (30%)
Regular ClassRoom


It is strongly recommended that you have taken ESOF 322 prior to taking this course.  In the past students without ESOF 322 have had significant problems. Please arrange to see me if this is the case. At the very least you will be required to do ESOF 322 as a co-requisite. This is an undergraduate course only.


2015 Projects

Meeting Times


Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able to


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