CSCI 483R: Interdisciplinary Project

Spring 2016

Date Event Graded Events
01.14 Class Meeting - Course Introduction  
02.04 Class Meeting - Progress Demo
Research Celebration Abstracts Open on 02/01/2016
03.03 Class Meeting - Progress Meeting
Research Celebration Abstract Submission
04.07 Class Meeting - Poster Demo, Progress Demo  
04.15 Research Celebration Poster Presentation
No Class (Please drop off the posters for Clem in the CS office after the symposium)

04.28   Class Meeting - 15 Minute Project Presentations (CS Conference Room 11:00 -- 14:00)
Portfolio and Final System Due

Potential Meeting Times


Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able to

Portfolio Requirements

Section 1: Program

Attach the source listing of the program that you wrote for CSCI 483. Include the specifications for the program.

Section 2: Teamwork

Describe how your team worked on this capstone project. List each team member's primary contributions and estimate the percentage of time that was spent by each team member on the project.

Section 3: Design Pattern

Identify one design pattern that was used in your capstone project and describe exactly where in the code it is located. Highlight the design pattern in yellow. Explain why you used the pattern and didn't just code directly.

Section 4: Final Project Report

A typical final project report is 10 - 15 pages long and contains the following sections:

Follow the formatting guidelines presented in the AAS template with the one exception that you should should use 1.5 line spacing for the content instead of single spacing.

Section 5: UML

Attach the UML design diagrams for your capstone project that were created before you began coding.

Section 6: Design Trade-Offs

Describe a design trade-off decision (e.g. execution time vs. space requirements or compile time) in your capstone project and justify the design decisions that you made.

Section 7: Software Development Life Cycle Model

Describe the model that you used to develop your capstone project. How did this model help and/or hinder your team?

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