Fall 2010 - Fall 2012

Thesis: Degree-Driven Design of Geometric Algorithms for
Point Location, Proximity, and Volume Calculation

Spring 2010

MATH 522: Advanced Calculus II

Fall 2009

MATH 676: Modules, Linear Algebra

Spring 2009

MATH 521: Advanced Calculus I
MATH 578: Algebraic Structure
COMP 915: Technical Communication in Computer Science
     Lecture: Understanding the Drummer's Role in Music
     Assignment: Plagiarism essay on Network Neutrality

Fall 2008

MATH 551: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries
MATH 205 (Duke): Computational Topology

spring 2008

COMP 651: Computational Geometry
     Project: Gluing Vertex Unfoldings of Triangulated Meshes
MATH 662: Scientific Computation II

fall 2007

COMP 768: Physically-Based Modeling
     Lecture: Physics and Sound
     Project: Fun with Eigenfunctions and Sound Rendering paper video
COMP 790: Motion Planning
     Lecture: Machine Learning and Motion Planning
     Project: Learning RVO talk paper
MATH 661: Scientific Computation I


Graphics Projects -- Thats where the fish are from
Machine Learning
Physical Media
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Programming Languages
Unix Tools