Mary Ann Cummings

Mary Ann Cummings is an Assistant Teaching Professor.
  • PhD. Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School, 2015
  • MS Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School, 1990
  • BS Computer Science and BS Math, James Madison University, 1984

She worked as computer scientist with the Federal Government for 33 years.  While there she received the following awards:

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for DoD Students, Naval Postgrad School

  • Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Award, Naval Postgrad School

  • Dr Charles J Cohen Award of Excellence for Science and Technology, NSWCDD

  • NAVSEA Scientist of the Year

  • Navy League Rear Admiral Parsons Award for Scientific and Technical Progress

Mary Ann has is one of the investigators for a patent for an evolutionary framework for building System of Systems Modeling and Simulations, presented Dec. 2016.