Lab 14: Course Evaluation



Congratulations! You have almost completed the CSCI 127, The Joy and Beauty of Data. To help us improve the course in the future, please take the time to respond to the CampusLabs CSCI 127 course evaluation that you received via e-mail. Thank you.

The Survey and Grading

Your only graded task today is to complete the course feedback survey. As a reminder, the instructor for this class is John Paxton and the undergraduate course assistants are Matt Wintersteen (11:00 a.m. lab), Peter Gifford (noon lab), Reese Pearsall (1:00 p.m. lab), Nathan Stouffer (2:00 p.m. lab), Jessica Jorgenson (3:00 p.m. lab), Alan Tong (4:00 p.m. lab) and Jordan Pottruff (6:00 p.m. lab). You can provide direct feedback to your undergraduate course assistant by writing a comment something like this in a free response text area: @Matt: Great job!.


If Time Remains