Lab 2: Functions and Selection Statements


Learning Outcomes


2019 Federal Tax Bracket

Note: the federal tax is progressive. For example, if a person has a taxable income of $15,000, the first $9,700 is taxed at a rate of 10% and the remaining $5,300 is taxed at a rate of 12%.

Rate For Unmarried Individuals, Taxable Income Over
10% $0
12% $9,700
22% $39,475
24% $84,200
32% $160,725
35% $204,100
37% $510,300

Grading - 10 points

If Time Remains

If you want to work with a partner on Program 1 (due 9/18), use this time to identify a partner or ask your lab TA to help you find someone. Note: For the vast majority of computing jobs and internships, the ability to work with one or more teammates is a crucial skill!