CSCI 107 Assignment 1

D2L Profile - 20 Points

Business Card - 80 points


The purpose of this assignment is write a simple Python program that produces a business card.


Imagine you have landed a great summer job, working at a private investment bank. You have an office and all the accoutrements in it that you'd ever desire. Your desk, comfy adjustable pleated leather office chair, sticky notes and pens are in one convenient location .. but, uh oh, something is missing from the lot. Your boss wants you to meet with a client today and you'd love to give the client a copy of your contact information, but where did your business cards go?

Fortunately, you recently finished a course with the odd sounding name of The Joy and Beauty of Computing that provided you with the skills to make one yourself. You decide to design a business card that includes your company logo, name, address, phone number and corporate email, just in case this client wants to reach you. You don't remember exactly what it's supposed to look like, but luckily you borrow a spare from a coworker and try to make a design that looks exactly like hers:

|    |                                           |
|   -|          Everdeen, Katniss                |
|  --|          Tribute Liabilities Associate    |
| ---|          Parasail Capital                 |
| ---------                                      |
|  -------      4 Hunger Plaza                   |
|               STE 1400                         |
|               District 12, Panem 00012         |
|                                                |
| Work: (242)-262-2992  @:  |


Assume that you work for the same company as Katniss. Write a Python program that produces a business card for you with the following characteristics:


Place the solution in a file named and submit it to the D2L Dropbox no later than midnight on Friday, September 9th.

Note: Since late submissions receive no credit, you should submit whatever you have (even if it is not completely finished) by the deadline above. Partial credit for ontime submissions can be earned.

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