CSCI 107 Assignment 2

Python Business Card, Part II - 100 points


Parasail Capital was extremely pleased with your business card solution. They would like you to modify that solution so that it works for any first name, last name and phone number.

More specifically, your solution should ask the user to enter each of these three pieces of information separately. The program should then print the appropriate business card.

Note: It is a common task for a computer scientist to enhance the functionality of an existing program.

Sample Transcript

The sample transcript below shows what might happen when Champ Bobcat runs your program. Information to the right of the prompt (>) is entered by the user.

Please enter your first name > Champ
Please enter your last name > Bobcat
Please enter your telephone number > (406)-994-4636

Here is your business card ...

|    |                                           |
|   -|          Bobcat, Champ                    |
|  --|          Tribute Liabilities Associate    |
| ---|          Parasail Capital                 |
| ---------                                      |
|  -------      4 Hunger Plaza                   |
|               STE 1400                         |
|               District 12, Panem 00012         |
|                                                |
| Work: (406)-994-4636  @:    |


Required Python Comment

Place a Python comment at the top of your submission that is formatted as follows.

# -----------------------------------------+
# Your name, your partner's name           |  <-- e.g. Ashley Bertrand, Joe Whitney 
# CSCI 107, Assignment 2                   |
# Last Updated: Month Day, Year            |  <-- e.g. September 15, 2016
# -----------------------------------------|
# A brief description of the assignment.   |  <-- can be more than 1 line 
# -----------------------------------------+


Helpful Hint

Consider the following Python code:

  color1 = "blue"
  color2 = "gold"

  print(color1.ljust(10) + color2)

When run, the code above will produce

blue      gold

The ljust(10) has the effect of printing the word "blue" at the far left (left justified) of a field of width 10.

What happens if you replace ljust(10) with rjust(10)? With center(10)?


Place the solution in a file named and submit it to the D2L Dropbox no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 16th.

Note: Each partner must upload the final solution. See the Grading section above for more information.

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