CSCI 107 Assignment 3


After producing business cards for the previous assignments, you decide to foray into the fascinating world of Pokémon Go. Inspired by the 2016 summer craze, you would like to create your own Pokémon artwork and be immortalized forever. As a first step, you have been hired to create a graphic for the game of Pokémon Go. You are welcome to recreate an existing graphic or create something new that is appropriate.

Pokémon Go Graphic - 100 points

Use Python Turtle Graphics to design and draw a simple Pokémon graphic. Here is a picture of one such graphic that is intended to depict Voltorb.

Requirements and Grading

Helpful Hints


Place the solution in a file named and submit it in the D2L Dropbox no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd. Late submissions receive no credit, but partial credit can be earned by making an ontime submission.

Hall of Fame Solutions

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