Second Practicum: Friday, October 26th

Sample Questions

  1. Fall 2015 Practicum 2.
  2. In the turtle module, there are two names for the same function that makes the turtle invisible. What are these two names?
  3. Write a function average(number_1, number_2, number_3) that returns the average of the three numbers. Show an example of calling the function.
  4. Write a program that asks the user for his or her age. If the age is between 13 and 19, print teenager. If the age is between 20 and 64, print adult. If the age is 65 or older, print senior citizen. Otherwise print child. Solve the program using one if, elif, else construct.
  5. Write a function named practice_addition that might be used to help a child practice addition. The function should generate one random addition problem, using two numbers between 1 and 9 (e.g. What is 3 + 9?). The function should return True if the person answers the problem correctly and False if not.