Barley Fields

On the Bodensee island of Reichenau, assume there is an unlimited amount of flat land. Barley farmers there have constructed a series of barley fields in the following pattern.

When a barley farmer walks from one barley field to another, he starts in the middle of the current field, walks up or down to the middle of an appropriate field, and finally walks left or right to the middle of the destination field. Write a program that gives the barley farmer directions.


The input consists of several lines with two non-negative integer values n and m which specify the current and destination barley fields, where 0 ≤ n, m ≤ 2,147,483,647

Sample Input

0 7
2 8
9 10
11 10
2 0

Sample Output: barley.out

down 2, right 1
down 1, right 2
same row, right 1
same row, left 1
up 1, same column