CSCI 338: Homework 1

Sample Solution

Note: Problem 1 was graded carefully and was worth 4 of the 10 points.

Problems - This homework set is complete

  1. Consider an elevator that starts on the first floor and can be on one of n floors: floor 1, floor 2, etc. all the way up to floor n. One switch controls the elevator, and the switch has n+1 positions: go to floor 1, go to floor 2, ..., go to floor n, or remain stationary. At each time step, the controller checks the current floor and the current input and then changes floors in the obvious way. Provide the 5-tuple that describes this automaton. Hint: take a look at Example 1.15 on page 40.
  2. Problem 1.6 on page 84, parts (c), (f) and (i).
  3. Problem 1.4 on page 83, part (a).
  4. Problem 1.7 on page 84, parts (b), (c) and (g).

Grading - 10 Points


You may work alone or you may partner with one classmate. If you work with a partner, submit only one solution with both of your names on it.


Upload your submission to the D2L Dropbox for Homework 1 no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 29th. Late submissions receive no credit, but partial credit can be earned by making an ontime submission.

Helpful Hint: Check out the CamScanner app.

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