Chapter 2: Context-Free Languages

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Chapter 2.4, Deterministic Context-Free Languages

Deterministic Pushdown Automaton

A DPDA is a 6-tuple (Q, Σ, Γ, δ, q0, F) where

  1. Q is a finite set of states,
  2. Σ is a finite input alphabet,
  3. Γ is a finite stack alphabet,
  4. δ: Q × Σε × Γε → (Q × Γε) ∪ {∅} is the transition function,
  5. q0 ∈ Q is the start state, and
  6. F ⊆ Q is the finite set of accept states

A PDA is deterministic if it has at most one possible move in any configuration.

Deterministic Context-Free Language

The language of a DPDA is called a DCFL.

Active Learning Problems

More About Nondeterministic Context-Free Languages


Lecture Problem

Describe a general procedure for creating a CFG that captures the union of two CFGs.

Active Learning Problems

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