Chapter 5: Reducibility

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Chapter 5.1, Undecidable Problems from Language Theory

Reductions Via Computation Histories

Linear Bounded Automaton

Proof that ELBA is Undecidable

Assume that ELBA is decidable. We can then construct TM R to decide ELBA.

On input <M, w>, where M is a TM and w is a string:

  1. Construct LBA B from M and w. Let L(B) be the accepting computation histories for M on w. Note: If L(B) is empty, M does not accept w, otherwise it does.
  2. Run R on B.
  3. If R rejects, then accept and if R accepts, then reject.

This provides an algorithm to decide ATM, a problem that we know to be undecidable. Contradiction! Thus, our assumption is wrong and consequently, ELBA must be undecidable.

The Post Correspondence Problem

In-Class Notes

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