Fourth Assignment

Assignment Overview

Create a programming assignment that a first semester computer science student can complete using 100 to 200 lines of code over a one week period. The assignment should help the student better understand the specified topic.

Tasks and Teams


Assignment Grading

Assignment Submission

Place the write-up, provided starting materials and sample solution in a zipped folder entitled Assignment 4 and e-mail it to both MacKenzie ( and John ( with a cc to your teammate(s) by the deadline. The subject of the e-mail should be Assignment 4, Your Name, Your Partner(s) Name(s). Note: only one partner needs to submit the solution.

Late submissions will receive no credit, but partial credit can be earned by making an ontime submission.


You and your partner(s) will present your assignment and sample solution to the class on Friday, June 9th. Each team member is responsible for a 4 minute presentation. In addition to the 4 minute presentation, each team member should be prepared to answer questions about any aspect of the assignment or sample solution.