First Assignment


During Fall Semester 2017, Montana State University will offer a new course entitled The Joy and Beauty of Data. The course is intended to serve students who have a small amount of experience with any computer programming language and who want to learn Python.

Each week, students attend a supervised computer lab to complete a 60-90 minute assignment that helps them better understand one of the course topics. Your team's task is to produce one of these assignments. Here is an example assignment for students who are learning about decision statements in Java.

Tasks and Teams



Place the write-up, provided starting materials and sample solution in a zipped folder entitled Assignment 1 and e-mail it to both MacKenzie ( and John ( with a cc to your teammate(s) by the deadline. The subject of the e-mail should be Assignment 1, Your Name, Your Partner(s) Name(s). Note: only one partner needs to submit the solution.

Late submissions will receive no credit, but partial credit can be earned by making an ontime submission.