2019 ACM Local Programming Contest

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Local Contest Sponsor: Golden Helix

Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 12th
Saturday, September 14th


Kevin Browder, Nathan Stouffer, Andy Kirby Thomas Herndon, Karl Molina, Elliott Pryor Jordan Pottruff, Alan Tong, Shreya Deb
First Place: 5 problems Second Place: 4 problems Third Place: 4 problems

Problems, Input Files, Output Files

Montana State Teams (10 max)

  1. Tim Parrish, Ryan Cummings, Alex Ackerlund
  2. Kevin Browder, Nathan Stouffer, Andy Kirby
  3. Norhan Abbas, Christine Johnson, Sarah Montalbano
  4. Matt Gotta, Mike Gotta, Ike Wessel
  5. Zan Rost-Montieth, Ethan Fison, Colter Fretwell
  6. Elliott Pryor, Karl Molina, Thomas Herndon
  7. Alan Tong, Jordan Pottruff, Shreya Deb
  8. Griffin Austin, Gavin Austin

Montana Tech Teams (3 max)

  1. Dalton Caron, Andrey, Zuev, Sawyer Gibson
  2. Xaavan Dolence, James Stroebe, Brandon Mitchell
  3. Ronda Boyle, Tatum Gray, Sarah Wiseman


Simple Java File I/O Example

Driver.java reads from a file named numbers.in that contains an unknown number of integers, one per line. The numbers are written to a file named numbers.in, one per line.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the format of the contest? You will be given several problems to solve. Your team's goal is to solve as many of these problems as you can during the contest period.
  2. What programming languages may we use? You may use Java, C++, C or Python 3.7.
  3. What development environments may we use? You may use any environment available on esus or the lab PCs.
  4. Are there any restrictions on the composition of our team? You may have up to 3 students on your team. Two of the students must be undergraduates. One of the students can be (but doesn't have to be) a first or second year graduate student.
  5. How many computers does our team get to use? One.
  6. What resources do we get to use? You can bring along any number of books or notes. The only web resource you can use is an online language reference manual. All of your programs must be written from scratch.
  7. What happens if my team wins? Winning teams are eligible to compete in the regional contest at ??? on Saturday, ???.
  8. What general information is there about the ACM Programming contest?

Sample Problems, Input Files, Output Files