2017 ACM Local Programming Contest

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Local Contest Sponsor: Golden Helix

Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 14th
Saturday, September 16th


  1. Matt Doran, Carl Fee, Keegan Millard (Montana State) - 4 problems
  2. Jesica Bauer, Erica Wiens, Lizzy Younce (Carroll College) - 3 problems
  3. Tyler Bass, Sam Congdon, Chris McCabe (Montana State) - 3 problems

Problems, Input Files, Output Files


  1. Matt Doran, Carl Fee, Keegan Millard (Montana State)
  2. Dan Church, Dieter Grosswiler, Dylan Wickham (Montana State)
  3. Zach Connelly, Patrick Moore, Karen Stengel (Montana State)
  4. William Kingsley, Jessica Schultz, Allen Simpson (Montana State)
  5. Jordan Pottruff, Alan Tony, Alec VanderKolk (Montana State)
  6. Jesse Arstein, Logan Shy, Dexter Van Keuren (Montana State)
  7. Emily Felde, Tyler Fleetwood, Sam Shissler (Montana State)
  8. Tyler Bass, Sam Congdon, Chris McCabe (Montana State)
  9. Justin Bak, Michael Fryer, Kenny ?? (Montana Tech)
  10. Trevor Brooks, Dalton Caron, Marcus Frisbee (Montana Tech)
  11. Jesse Anderson, Ronda Boyle, Zach Valenzuela (Montana Tech)
  12. Max Austin, Jackson Jenkins, Alex Reid (Montana Tech)
  13. Joseph Ikehara, Kidron Lee, Patrick Smith (Carroll)
  14. Jesica Bauer, Erica Wiens, Lizzy Younce (Carroll)
  15. Andrew Johnson, Amy Telck, Andy Villalobos (Carroll)
  16. Cordell Andersen, Hannah Lerum (Carroll)


Simple Java File I/O Example

Driver.java reads from a file named numbers.in that contains an unknown number of integers, one per line. The numbers are written to a file named numbers.in, one per line.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the format of the contest? You will be given several problems to solve. Your team's goal is to solve as many of these problems as you can during the contest period.
  2. What programming languages may we use? You may use Java, C++, C or Python 3.6.
  3. What development environments may we use? You may use any environment available on esus or the lab PCs.
  4. Are there any restrictions on the composition of our team? You may have up to 3 students on your team. Two of the students must be undergraduates. One of the students can be (but doesn't have to be) a first or second year graduate student.
  5. How many computers does our team get to use? One.
  6. What resources do we get to use? You can bring along any number of books or notes. The only web resource you can use is an online language reference manual. All of your programs must be written from scratch.
  7. What happens if my team wins? Winning teams are eligible to compete in the regional contest at The Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado on Saturday, November 11th.
  8. What general information is there about the ACM Programming contest?

Sample Problems: A, B, C, E, G, H, I