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The International Engineering Certificate, administered by the College of Engineering, encourages a computer science or engineering major to gain an appreciation of the global environment into which he or she will graduate. A student who pursues this certificate should be more marketable upon graduation, as well as a better global citizen. The International Engineering Certificate is a step towards becoming a global computer scientist or engineer - someone who can live, work and perform anywhere.

Major Requirement

International Course Requirement

International Experience Requirement

Complete one of the following two week or longer (longer is recommended) options while a student at MSU.


  1. A student who wishes to receive the International Engineering Certificate submits this application form along with the required supporting materials to the department office of his or her COE major. These materials should be submitted when you file to graduate.
  2. The above materials must be approved by the International Engineering Certificate advisor in the department of your major, as well as the COE Assistant Dean. If there are questions, the COE Global Advocate and/or an appropriate representative from the Modern Languages Department may be consulted.
  3. When the application is approved, the words International Engineering Certificate will appear on the student's transcript.

Important Guidelines


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