All tracks leading to the Master's degree require adherence to the following procedures in the section below.


  • Students must meet with the MS graduate advisor (currently Dr. Yang) immediately after admission to the graduate program and prior to enrolling in any courses.
  • Students enrolled in the MS program without foundational courses to complete must choose an academic advisor from among the faculty during their first semester in the graduate program (note: it is possible to switch advisors later if the plans for a project or thesis take a different turn).
  • Students enrolled in the MS program who are completing foundational courses must choose an academic advisor from among the faculty during the first semester in which they begin taking courses that are to be counted towards their MS degree.
  • During the first semester in which a student has a formal academic advisor, the student must fill out a Program of Study form in consultation with his or her advisor. This form must be signed by the academic advisor and forwarded to the MS graduate coordinator, who will select the remaining members of the student's committee (to keep the committee loads evenly balanced throughout the department) and send the Program of Study on through the proper channels (note: it is simple to modify the Program of Study later if course changes are necessary).
  • Students must meet with their advisors during the registration period for each upcoming semester prior to enrolling in courses to ensure that the Program of Study is being followed to the satisfaction of the advisor.
  • Students must schedule and take a comprehensive MS exam (see the section on the comprehensive exam later).

For a complete view of the timing of various procedures and deadlines, see the Timelines page.

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