Our Teams



The software team develops and maintains software to drive the AUV’s hardware systems. This includes maintaining and updating existing software as well as developing new software using a number of programming languages. This broad scope of work requires close cooperation with all other teams to ensure proper implementation of AUV systems.

  • Computer Vision - Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks to identify and classify objects in an image and guide AUV navigation
  • Inertial Measurement Unit - Developing infrastructure to interact with the AUV’s IMU and provide access to positioning data for other software systems
  • Club Website - Establishing a web-presence which acts as a hub for club information and history
Lightning bolt


The electrical team works to ensure proper connectivity and power distribution to all components of the AUV. This requires regular wiring maintenance and system planning in order to keep every electrical interface functioning as intended. The electrical team also helps develop all new projects involving electrical engineering in some form.

  • Creating a tethered connection for testing environments
  • Positioning turbines
  • Rewiring motor controllers for reliability
Gear and Wrench


The mechanical team designs, prototypes and fabricates systems and structures for use on the AUV to provide it a stable foundation from which it can function. Members also test these systems to ensure proper functionality.

  • Maintenance - Physical upkeep is necessary to ensure the continued functionality of the AUV. This includes superficial evaluations of fasteners and water seals to prevent damage and functionality issues
  • Torpedo System - In order to expand the capabilities of the AUV, a torpedo system is currently under development


The business team is working more on our advertisement within the university. By creating immersive and recognizable content based on our club, we hope other students will recognize our brand and potentially become members. The next goal of the business team is to work with funding for our club. This involves working with the university for club funding and potential sponsors willing to help out the club.