The INFOCOM 2010 Student Workshop aims to provide a platform for students to publicize their research work in all areas of
computer networking and data communications through posters, obtain feedback and learn what problems are being tackled by fellow
students. More importantly, it also provides a venue for them to"network" with their peers and established researchers, and obtain
valuable advices from informative talks.

Students should submit poster abstracts to EDAS for peer-review by January 12, 2010 (Please see Call For Abstracts for more details).
The camera-ready versions of the accepted 2-page abstracts should be submitted to IEEE by February 25, 2010
(Please see Infocom'2010 Workshop Page for instructions).

For each accepted poster abstract, at least one author needs to attend the workshop and present the poster.
Please print your poster in advance since there may not be poster printing facilities close to the hotel.
he conference will provide poster boards with a size of 4' x 4'

Technical Program

1:15-2:15PM Keynote Speech

Speaker: R. Srikant (Fredric G. and Elizabeth H. Nearing Endowed Professor, Department of ECE at UIUC)

Title: The Role of Modeling in Designing Communication Networks (PPT)

Abstract: In this talk, we will explore the role of simple mathematical models in understanding and designing protocols
for the Internet and wireless networks. A specific theme will be the trade-off between accurately capturing all details
of the physical world and the tractability of the resulting model.

2:15-2:45PM Break

2:45-5:00PM Poster Session

Dimension Reduction of Network Bottleneck Bandwidth Data Space
Peng Sun (Tsinghua University, CN), Yang Chen (University of Goettingen, DE), Yibo Zhu (Tsinghua University, CN),
Xiaoming Fu, Beixing Deng, and Xing Li


Bistability in Online Social Networks
Kuang Xu (The University of Hong Kong, HK), Chi-Kin Chau (University of Cambridge, UK), Victor Li (University of Hong Kong, CN)


The Human Side of Future Communication Systems
Jose Simoes (Fraunhofer FOKUS, DE)


A Game-theoretic Approach to Cooperative Content Discovery in Mobile Networks
Francesco Malandrino (Politecnico di Torino, IT), Claudio Casetti (Politecnico di Torino, IT),
Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini (Politecnico di Torino, IT)


An Incentive Mechanism for M/M/1 Queues with Selfish Users
Yi Gai (University of Southern California, US), Hua Liu (University of Southern California, US),
Bhaskar Krishnamachari (University of Southern California, US)


NC-APT: An Efficient and Scalable Download Mirror Selecting System
Yibo Zhu (Tsinghua University, CN), Yang Chen (University of Goettingen, DE), Guodong Wang (Tsinghua University, CN),
Beixing Deng (Tsinghua University, CN), Xing Li (Tsinghua University, CN)


Optimal Probability Epidemic Forwarding with Energy Constraint for Delay Tolerant Networks
Yurong Jiang (Tsinghua University, CN), Yong Li (Tsinghua University, CN), Liang Zhou (ENSTA-ParisTech, FR),
Depeng Jin (Tsinghua University, CN), Li Su (Tsinghua University, CN), Lieguang Zeng (Tsinghua University, CN)


Empirical Evaluation for the Impact of Core-Edge Separation on Internet Routing Scalability
Yangyang Wang (Tsinghua University, CN), Jun Bi (Tsinghua University, CN), Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University, CN)


Make Best-Effort Forwarding upon Network Abnormality
Meijia Hou (Tsinghua University, CN), Mingwei Xu (Tsinghua University, CN),
Dan Wang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK), Qi Li (Tsinghua University, CN)


A Fast Regular Expressions Matching Algorithm for NIDS
Yan Sun (Washington State University, US)


ACT: Attack Countermeasure Trees for Information Assurance Analysis
Arpan Roy (Duke University, US), Dong Seong Kim (Duke University, US), Kishor Trivedi (Duke University, US)


Constructing Efficient Attribute-Based Broadcast Encryption
Zhibin Zhou (Arizona State University, US), Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University, US)


Proportional Delay Differentiation Service and Load Balancing in Web Cluster Systems
Ang Gao(Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN), Hairui Zhou(Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN),
Yansu Hu(Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN), Dejun Mu(Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN),
Wei Hu(Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN)


Backpressure Routing Made Practical
Scott Moeller (University of Southern California, US), Avinash Sridharan (University of Southern California, US),
Bhaskar Krishnamachari (University of Southern California, US), Omprakash Gnawali (Stanford University, US)


An Enhanced Multi-channel MAC for the IEEE 1609.4 based Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Qing Wang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CN), Supeng Leng (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CN),
Huirong Fu (Oakland University, US), Yan Zhang (Simula Research Laboratory, NO)


SybilConf: Computational Puzzles for Confining  Sybil Attacks
Florian Tegeler (University of Goettingen, DE), Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen, DE)


Optimal Spanning Trees for Fast Data Collection in Sensor Networks
Amitabha Ghosh (University of Southern California, US), Ozlem Durmaz Incel (Bogazici University, TR), Anil Vullikanti (Virginia Tech., US),
Bhaskar Krishnamachari (University of Southern California, US)


Step-FA: Step-based Compact Finite Automaton for Accelerating Multi-String Matching
Yi Tang (Tsinghua University,Beijing,China, CN), Junchen Jiang (Tsinghua University, CN), Bin Liu (Tsinghua University, CN)


Energy-Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks with Spatially Correlated Data
Ali Dabirmoghaddam (University of Calgary, CA), Majid Ghaderi (University of Calgary, CA), Carey Williamson (University of Calgary, CA)


Efficient Opportunistic Broadcasting over Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
Shouwen Lai (Virginia Tech, US)


XOR Based Multiple-Criteria Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Md. Junayed Islam(King's College London/ University of Greenwich, UK), Mona Ghassemian (King's College London/ University of Greenwich, UK)


Multi-Stage Multicast in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks
Seongyeol Yang (Korea University, KR), Jaeyong An (Korea University, KR), Sangheon Pack (Korea University, KR)


Domain Vector Approach to PCE Based Inter-domain Routing
Rong Fu (Denmark Technical University, DK), Michael Berger (Technical University of Denmark, DK)


A Channel Splitting Strategy for Reducing Handoff Delay in Wireless Mesh Networks
Haopeng Li (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US), Linda Jiang Xie (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US)


Systematic Support for Content Bundling in BitTorrent Swarming
Jinyoung Han (Seoul National University, KR), Taejoong Chung (Seoul National University, KR), Hyun-chul Kim (Seoul National University, KR),
Taekyoung Kwon (Seoul National University, KR), Yanghee Choi (Seoul National University, KR)


SOA-based Approach for the Future Internet
Abdeljalil Karouia (UPMC, FR), Rami Langar (UPMC - University of Paris 6, FR), Guy Pujolle (University of Paris 6, FR)\


Proactive Spectrum Handoff in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks based on Common Hopping Coordination
Yi Song (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US), Linda Jiang Xie (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US)


A Novel Round-Robin Based Multicast Scheduling Algorithm for 100 Gigabit Ethernet Switches
Hao Yu (Technical University of Denmark, DK), Sarah Ruepp (Technical University of Denmark, DK),
Michael Berger (Technical University of Denmark, DK)


Equivalence between Proportional Fairness and Time-based Fairness in Multi-Rate Wireless LANs
Sundaresan Krishnan (Indian Institute of Technology, IN), Prasanna Chaporkar (IIT Bombay, IN)


Energy Efficient Relaying within a Cell: Multi Path versus Shortest Path Routing
Diogo Quintas (King's College London, UK), Vasilis Friderikos (King's College London, UK)


Connectivity Transition for Wireless Networks with Growth Processes
Bo Gu (University of Alabama, US), Xiaoyan Hong (University of Alabama, US)


Critical Link Quality for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
Xu Li (Lehigh University, US), Liang Cheng (Lehigh University, US)


Lookahead Forward Shift Optical Packet Switch
Stephen Suryaputra (USC/ISI, US), Joe Touch (USC/ISI, US), Joe Bannister (University of Southern California ISI, US)


Technical Progam Committee (TPC)

Workshop Co-Chairs

Junshan Zhang (Arizona State University,
Jian Tang (Montana State University,

TPC Members

Yu Cheng (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Carla-Fabiana (Chiasserini Politecnico di Torino)
Xinwen Fu (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University)
Hai Jiang (University of Alberta)
Ed Knightly (Rice University).
Pan Li (Mississippi State University)
Xiaojun Lin (Purdue University)
Shiwen Mao (Auburn University)
Satyajayant Misra (New Mexico State University)
Ness Shroff (Ohio State University)
R. Srikant (UIUC)
Richard Wolff (Montana State University)
Yaling Yang (Virginia Tech)
Lei Ying (Iowa State University)
Weiyi Zhang (North Dakota State University)
Yanchao Zhang (New Jersey Institute of Technology)


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