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The Webworks Laboratory encompasses many projects.  Some of the older projects were begun on Apple II+ computers and have evolved with technology to now be accessible on the web.  Newer projects have been designed for the web from the start.   The major projects are listed next.  Most are still in transition.




DynaLab (an acronym for Dynamic Laboratory) was a project whose objective was the creation of a laboratory infrastructure for the study of computer science and whose core was a software system for compiling and animating Pascal programs with interactive user control over all aspects of the process.  The animation environment is fully functional on Windows 95/98/NT platforms and is freely available for downloading.  A version for X-windows was also completed but not further maintained.

WebLab was the successor to DynaLab.  With WebLab the goal remained the same: the creation of a laboratory infrastructure for studying and experimenting with computer science.  However, the focus of WebLab was switched to the platform independent environment of the web, and the scope of the project was expanded to include not only program animation, but animations of other computer science concepts as well. 

Women and Computing

Along with the objective of providing a comprehensive, interactive, animated, and web-based laboratory infrastructure for the study of computer science, a concurrent activity was begun to address the concern over the low numbers of women in the curriculum.