Dynalab for Windows

We occasionally still receive requests for the Microsoft Windows version of the program animator originally called Dynalab (for "Dynamic Laboratory").  This system consists of a Pascal compiler and a graphical user interface for animating Pascal programs.

DynaLab has been prepared for downloading as a self installing executable program. We suggest that you download DynaLab into a folder (named for the file you are downloading) on your hard drive. Then, double-click on the .exe file that was downloaded (e.g., dynalab.exe). This will reveal, among other files, a setup.exe file. Double click on setup.exe to complete the installation. After the self-installing program has run, you can delete the .exe file if you desire. From this point on, you can double click on the animate.exe file to run the animator, and the pascal.exe file to run the Pascal compiler for preparing new programs for animation (Alternatively, you might want to put shorcuts on your desktop to animate.exe and pascal.exe). A readme.txt file is included in the download for more information. So, download DynaLab and enjoy! 

Download Dynalab

Click here to download Dynalab.