Jeff Sharkey, Google, 2008 Computer Science alum (February 2013)
Google interviews focus quite a bit on coding and algorithm/data structure design, usually working to solve problems similar to those in an ACM programming contest.  TopCoder algorithm competitions are a great way to sharpen your skills while preparing:
Andy Iverson, Tektronix Inc., 1999 Computer Engineering alum (January 2013)
I'd be very much interested in continuing our discussion about ASIC and FPGA verification and how MSU might help produce engineers with a skill set that is currently highly marketable (and I'd guess will be for years to come).

Tektronix has had trouble in the last couple years finding 'semi-local' talent to add to the ASIC verification team.  A lot of the candidates are not citizens (India primarily), or they are in such demand they don't want to give up the contracting life...

Skills I look for in verification engineers:
* independent problem solving skills
* an understanding of digital hardware design (verilog in our company)
* high-level-verification experience (systemVerilog in our company)
* advanced verification methodology experience (open verification methodology (OVM) in our company)

My own background in digital design from Fred Cady in 1998 in the EE department and the CS skills I gained in your department prepared me for my current role as verification lead at Tektronix.

My hope is that MSU could add/augment classes to expose engineers to the very in-demand field of digital ASIC/FPGA verification.  Perhaps there is some synergy with the ECE dept. to be had here as well...