Research Interests

Our faculty have varied research interests and expertise. Consequently, our research projects often involve multidisciplinary teams of Ph.D. students, Master's students, undergraduate students and/or faculty. To learn more about faculty research interests and our research laboratories, please read on!

  • Mary Ann Cummings
    Software engineering, modeling and simulation, emergent behavior, system of systems.
  • Dan DeFrance
    Computer technologies in the arts (e.g. 3D modeling and animation), vector and motion graphics, image processing, and digital storytelling. 
  • Brittany Terese Fasy
    Computational geometry and topology, topological data analysis, road network analysis, algorithms.
  • Clem Izurieta
    Software engineering, software evolution, ecological modeling.
  • Indika Kahanda
    Bioinformatics and computational biology, machine learning, data mining, biomedical natural language processing.
  • Upulee Kanewala
    Software testing, software engineering, machine learning, scientific software development and testing.
  • Hunter Lloyd
    Robotics, computer vision, multimedia and animation.
  • Dave Millman
    Computational geometry, scientific computing, parallel computing.
  • Brendan Mumey
    Computational biology, networks, combinatorial optimization, algorithms.
  • John Paxton
    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science education.
  • Travis Peters
    Research interests coming.
  • John Sheppard
    Machine learning, data mining, evolutionary computation, Bayesian methods, fault diagnosis and prognosis, domain ontologies.
  • Laura Stanley
    Human computer interaction; virtual and augmented reality; human machine interaction; human robot interaction; affective computing; multimodal displays.
  • Veronika Strnadova-Neeley
    Data mining, large-scale data analysis, graph algorithms, scientific computing.
  • Mike Wittie
    Networks, distributed systems, blockchains/DAGs, human computer interaction.
  • Sean Yaw
    Algorithms, graph theory, networks, resource management, optimization.
  • Binhai Zhu
    Applied computational geometry, intelligent web searching, geographical information systems, spatial databases, design and analysis of algorithms, combinatorial optimization.

Research Entities

These entities are listed because of their strong affiliation with our department, but our research is interdiscplinary and often involves other research entities in the college.

Research Opportunities

  • It is our intention to support all qualified doctoral students with either RA or TA positions (subject to availability of funding).
  • Available to undergraduates at MSU and other schools.
  • Students gain hands-on research experience working with a faculty adviser.
  • Provides residence hall lodging, reimbursement for travel to/from Bozeman, and $5,000 stipend.
  • Runs June through August.
  • Application deadline is generally in February.

Doing research is a great way to learn about a topic and gain valuable experience that can aid in applying to graduate programs or future employment.

Undergraduates interested in gaining research experience should contact faculty members directly based on their area of interest.

If you are a prospective graduate student, we invite you to learn more about our graduate programs!