Our faculty have varied research interests and expertise. Consequently, our research projects often involve multidisciplinary teams of Ph.D. students, Master's students, undergraduate students and/or faculty.  To learn more about faculty research interests and our research laboratories, please read on!

Research Interests

  • Mary Ann Cummings
    Software engineering, modeling and simulation, emergent behavior, system of systems.
  • Dan DeFrance
    Computer technologies in the arts (e.g. 3D modeling and animation), vector and motion graphics, image processing, and digital storytelling. 
  • Brittany Terese Fasy
    Computational geometry and topology, topological data analysis, road network analysis, algorithms.
  • Clem Izurieta
    Software engineering, software evolution, ecological modeling.
  • Indika Kahanda
    Bioinformatics and computational biology, machine learning, data mining, biomedical natural language processing.
  • Upulee Kanewala
    Software testing, software engineering, machine learning, scientific software development and testing.
  • Hunter Lloyd
    Robotics, computer vision, multimedia and animation.
  • Dave Millman
    Computational geometry, scientific computing, parallel computing.
  • Brendan Mumey
    Computational biology, networks, combinatorial optimization, algorithms.
  • John Paxton
    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science education.
  • John Sheppard
    Machine learning, data mining, evolutionary computation, Bayesian methods, fault diagnosis and prognosis, domain ontologies.
  • Veronika Strnadova-Neeley
    Data mining, large-scale data analysis, graph algorithms, scientific computing.
  • Mike Wittie
    Networks, distributed systems, blockchains/DAGs, human computer interaction.
  • Sean Yaw
    Algorithms, graph theory, networks, resource management, optimization.
  • Binhai Zhu
    Applied computational geometry, intelligent web searching, geographical information systems, spatial databases, design and analysis of algorithms, combinatorial optimization.

Research Laboratories