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Semester Start Checklist (compliments of Dan)

  • Archive old emails, file away old exams, lecture notes, etc.
  • Merge D2L sections by e-mailing Julie Tatarka
  • Update schedule on webpage and door
  • Submit office hours into Activity Insight, :: "Web Profile"
  • Post office hours on faculty page,
  • Establish website, textbook, IDE, supplies
  • Get final exam for syllabus,
  • Create course syllabi (just the dates, lecture topics, reading sections, assignments, exams)
  • Create course pages (contact info, time/place, TAs, outcomes, resources, policies, grading, msu links)
  • Schedule exams with testing services,
  • Set up D2L: content for each week, overview/welcome, assignments/grades, banner image, activate course
  • Set up computer: class folders, slideshows template, bookmarks, desktop, exam template
  • Plan first lectures: introduction, slide shows, IDE demos, overview of course pages and syllabus
  • TAs: e-mail and meet them, add their e-mail/office hours to syllabus, add them to D2L (week 2)