The PowerForm versions will generate a Docusign envelope and circulate it among the signatories. These forms will also route to the GSoC office, from which they will be submitted to your records and/or the Graduate School. The PDF forms may need to be filled out and submitted through other means, depending on the form.


  • Graduate Program of Study and Committee: PowerFormPDF
  • Graduate Program of Study Revision: PowerFormPDF
  • Graduate Committee Revision: PowerForm, PDF
  • Graduation Application: PowerForm, PDF
  • CSCI 592 Independent Study: PowerForm
  • CSCI 598 Internship: PowerForm
  • Request for admission to the Accelerated BS/MS track: PowerForm, PDF
  • Spring 2022 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Application (due 10/15/21): webpage
  • 2021 Annual Ph.D. Review (due 1/28/22): webpage

Additionally the Graduate School maintains a webpage with other useful forms.