Congratulations – you are almost finished!  Graduation Applications must be submitted by the following dates:


  1. Create your Final Semester Plan in DegreeWorks.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with your assigned faculty advisor.
  3. If the requirements of the major are met through your Final Semester Plan, your advisor will lock the plan and enter the note "Final Semester Primary Degree Advisor Approves of DegreeWorks Worksheet" into DegreeWorks.
  4. After this note appears, you must e-mail the following information to with the subject Graduation SEMESTER LASTNAME (e.g. Graduation SP24 Rooney):
    1. First & Last Name
    2. Last four digits of GID
    3. Preferred Email Address
    4. Advisor
    5. Major/Minor
  5. The GSOC office will record this information and notify our certifying officer, Hunter Lloyd.
  6. Once your major is certified by Hunter Lloyd, another note will be added to DegreeWorks "Final Semester Primary Degree Certified". Once that happens, you will be able to complete your graduation application in DegreeWorks.
  7. Hunter Lloyd will send an email letting the you know your final semester plan is certified by the department, or informing them of any information they may need. 
  8. After receiving Hunter Lloyd's email, navigate to: 1) My Info, 2) Student Services, 3) Apply to Graduate. Finish and submit the application, and voila -done!

Minor and/or Second Major Graduation Application Instructions

  1. If you are graduating with a minor or a second major, please go to the minor or second major department for instructions as each department's process may be different.
  2. Each minor or second major department must also certify your final semester graduation plan. The minor and second major. You will complete one applicatoin in MyInfo with all majors/minors in one form. 


Further details can be found at: