In order to remain in the MS program, a student must sustain satisfactory progress towards the degree, including maintaining grades in accordance with The Graduate School standards.


The faculty as a whole will assess the progress of each graduate student at least once per year. The case for each graduate student will be presented by the student's advisor. Other faculty will then be able to discuss any issues with respect to the student's academic performance or professionalism. The faculty will then decide which of the following letters the student will receive:

  • congratulations on satisfactory progress
  • a warning of unsatisfactory progress and placement on departmental probation
  • dismissal from the program


The Graduate School has standards for grades and grade point averages that must be maintained by graduate students. The standards should be reviewed by every graduate student. Essentially, to avoid academic probation and/or dismissal from the University, a student must

  • maintain a cumulative 3.0 or better GPA over all courses taken, including any foundational courses you must take and any other courses not listed on your Program of Study.
  • maintain a 3.0 or better GPA over the courses listed on the Program of Study.
  • maintain a 3.0 or better GPA over the courses taken each semester.
  • ensure that a Program of Study has been submitted and approved by the deadline.
  • continue to make satisfactory progress towards the degree.

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