There are two tracks to a Master's degree:

  • Thesis track for students who demonstrate exceptional aptitude for critical thinking, are interested in learning about research, and/or want to explore the possibility of pursuing a PhD degree (but aren't sure yet).
  • Courses-only track for students who desire the most coursework possible in preparation for a career, would be better served by more coursework as a result of lack of computer science preparation in their undergraduate degree, and/or are pursuing a PhD but who also want the Master's degree along the way.

The following table summarizes the requirements for the two tracks. To understand all the requirements for the Master's degree, you need to read the individual degree track pages.

  Thesis track Courses-only track
Total credits on program of study 30 30
Total course credits on the program of study 20 20
500-level course credits on the program of study  at least 11, not counting CSCI 590 (formerly CS 590) at least 21
 400-Level Course Credits on Program of Study at most 9 at most 9
 CSCI 590 Thesis Credits on Program of Study exactly 10 not allowed
 CSCI 580 Project Credits on Program of Study not allowed not allowed
 Special Notes

Requires invitation from a faculty member,
who will act as thesis advisor.