Web Design Course

The Computer Science Department and the Art Department are pleased to pilot a course on the topic of Web Design during Spring Semester 2009.  The 3 credit class will be team-taught by Michael Newhouse (Graphic Design) and John Paxton (Computer Science).  The course is cross-listed as CS 145 and ART 145.  [October 2008]

2009 Spring Semester CS Courses

There are several special CS course offerings that you should know about:

CS 145 / ART 145 (Web Design).  A brand new course.  John Paxton (CS) and Michael Newhouse (Graphic Design) will team-teach the course.
CS 204 (Multimedia Development Methods).  Hunter Lloyd will teach this course focusing on Computer Animation using Blender.
CS 309 (Systems Administration).  Scott Dowdle, our system administrator, will teach this course.
CS 392 (Numerical Computation for Scientists and Engineers).  Year Back Yoo will teach this course for the second time.  The course will use Matlab.
CS 430 (Image Processing).  Hunter Lloyd will teach this course with a  focus on robot vision.
CS 432 (Computational Biology).  Brendan Mumey will teach this course, now worth 3 credits.
CS 451 (Software Engineering II).  Clem Izurieta will teach this course.  Clem has 16 years of industry experience with Hewlett-Packard and Intel.  Clem is also finishing a Ph.D. in software engineering from Colorado State University.
CS 513 (Computational Research Topics).  John Sheppard will teach this course with a focus on structured probabilistic models.
CS 541 (Advanced Networking).  Jian (Neil) Tang will teach this course with a focus on wireless and IP networks.

For more information, please contact your advisor or the instructor of the course.  [October 2008]

ACM Regional Programming Contest

Congratulations to Shayan Hashimoto, Max Smiley and David Wax who competed in the ACM Regional Programming Content at The University of Colorado on Saturday, October 25th.  They solved four of the eight problems in the time allotted, finished second out of 11 teams at their site and finished in the top 10 teams out of 51 teams in the region overall.  Great work!  [October 26, 2008]    

More Flexible CS Minor

The computer science minor has recently been revised so that it provides more flexibility.  This will allow a student to strategically tailor a CS minor to better complement his or her major.  Requirements.  [September 2008]

Local Programming Contest Winners

Congratulations to Shayan Hashimoto, Max Smiley and David Wax - winners of the 2008 Local Programming Contest. These students will represent Montana State at the 2008 Rocky Mountain Regional Programming Contest at The University of Colorado on Saturday, October 25th. Congratulations also goes to Mateo Jara and Brandon Norick (second place) and Grant Nelson, Michael Paulson and Randall Reynolds (third place).  [October 28, 2008]

Grand Targhee Ultra Marathon

Congratulations to Clem Izurieta, course instructor for CS 351, who completed the Grand Targhee 100 Mile Ultra Marathon over Labor Day weekend.  Clem finished first in his age category with a time of 30 hours, 40 minutes - this time includes 5 minutes spent in an aspen tree to avoid a charging cow moose.  [September 2, 2008]

Google Android Programming Contest

Jeff Sharkey, who completed his Master's degree in Computer Science in May, has been named one of the 10 grand prize winners in Google's Android Programming contest.  The contest received more than 1800 entries from individuals and programming groups around the world. For his efforts, Jeff will receive a $275,000 award.  MSU article.  [July 2008]    

Drupal Web Site

Have you noticed anything different about our website lately? On August 18, we converted our old website to Drupal, thanks to an independent study project by two seniors: Mateo Jara and Evan Johnson. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to admin@cs.montana.edu or paxton@cs.montana.edu.  [August 18, 2008]

RightNow Technologies Distinguished Professor

A big welcome to John Sheppard, who joins our department in the fall as the RightNow Technologies Distinguished Professor. [August 2008]

New CS Degree Options

Starting in Fall of 2008, undergraduate students will be able to pursue one of two B.S. options: the professional option or the interdisciplinary option. To learn more, see this webpage or speak with your advisor.  The MSU website featured the interdisciplinary option with this article.  [September 2008]