Yellowstone Ecological Research Collaboration

Several Computer Science students are undertaking capstone projects with YERC.  Article.  [December 2020]

Department of Homeland Security Partnership

The DHS has announced a strategic partnership project with the Department of Energy, Idaho National Labs and the Gianforte School of Computing.  The three year, $3.1M grant entitled Cyber QR Ops: Improving the Quality and Resiliency of Critical Computing Infrastructure has a threefold focus: i) Software Assurance, ii) Machine Learning, and iii) Cyber Threat Risk Communication.  The grant was spearheaded by computer science faculty Dr. Clemente Izurieta (PI), Dr. Veronika Strnadova-Neeley (co-PI), Dr. Travis Peters (co-PI) and Dr. Mike Wittie (co-PI) and includes co-PIs Dr. Brock LaMeres (ECE), Dr. David Opitz (University of Montana), Dr. Anne Marie Reinhold (LRES), Dr. Liz Shanahan (Political Science) and Hoplite Industries.  The initial unclassified work will help MSU build its cybersecurity research portfolio.  Congratulations! MSU News Article. [September 2020]

Wright Patterson Air Force Base Grant

Dr. Clemente Izurieta has received a 2 year, $330K grant.  The goal of the grant is to develop hierarchical quality models specific to security that potentially tackle weaknesses in the supply chain.  The grant will support M.S. graduate students.  Congratulations! [September 2020]

htmx Podcast

Professor Carson Gross was the featured guest on a podcast entitled Dynamic HTML with htmx.  Carson is a Computer Science instructor who joined Montana State University this fall and is teaching CSCI 366 (Computer Systems) and CSCI 440 (Database Systems).   Carson is the creator of htmx.  Good job, Carson!  [September 2020]

Smart & Connected Health Award

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Stanley (PI) and Dr. John Sheppard (co-PI) for receiving a $1.2M grant from NSF and NIH entitled An Intelligent Pervasive Augmented reaLity Therapy (iPAL) for Opioid Use Disorder and Recovery.  This project will develop intelligent Pervasive Augmented reaLity therapies (iPAL) to help OUD sufferers manage their cravings to reduce their risk for relapse or overdose. iPAL integrates complementary psychotherapies (cognitive behavioral therapy and heart rate variability biofeedback) with immersive technologies (augmented and mixed reality). This work is poised to revolutionize how individuals learn, discover, create, and heal in the broader context of developing treatment strategies for those with OUD.  Collaborators include Texas A&M, Prisma Health and Clemson University. MSU News Article.  [August 2020]

Software Quality Analysis Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Clem Izurieta for receiving a $200K grant from the Air Force through TechLink.  Graduate students will be supported to conduct research in software engineering quality assurance models with a special focus on cybersecurity components.  Undergraduate students will be supported to develop practical skills in testing techniques.  Support from the Air Force enters its sixth consecutive year with total contributions in excess of $1.2M. [July 2020]

2020 Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Clem Izurieta, who received the Lloyd Berg Faculty Mentorship Award! [May 2020]

NACOE Virtual Commencement Ceremony

To celebrate our graduating students in the midst of a global pandemic, each college organized a virtual commencement ceremony.  Our College of Engineering ceremony was mentioned in a Bozeman Chronicle article. [May 2020]

2020 Gianforte School of Computing Awards

  • Outstanding Ph.D. Researcher: Sam Micka
  • Outstanding M.S. Researcher: Nate Lane
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher: Ben Holmgren
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Matteo Bjornsson
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Course Assistant: Lin Shi
  • Student Selected Professor of the Year: Sean Yaw

New Data Science Minor!

Being able to manipulate, visualize and extract useful information from data is an increasingly valuable skill.  Starting this semester, a Data Science minor is available to Montana State University students.  Requirements SummaryMSU News Article. [January 2020]

Topology for Data Science Workshop

Dr. Stacey Hancock (PI), Dr. Dave Millman (co-PI), Dr. Veronika Strnadova-Neeley (senior personnel) and Dr. Brittany Fasy (senior personnel) received funding from NSF to host a Topology for Data Science Workshop on March 25th.  The workshop is being held in conjunction with the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.  Congratulations!  [January 2020]

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