oSTEM at Montana State University Student Club

2019 oSTEM Conference


Our Cohort! Greektown Dinner


Final Planning Meeting - To Be Determined

Next Steps for Participants

Application Procedure

If you would like to attend the oSTEM conference, e-mail the following information to John Paxton (john DOT paxton AT montana DOT edu) no later than Friday, September 13th. Last year, 16 students were sponsored!

  1. Name
  2. Major
  3. What is your experience with the LGBT+ community?
  4. A brief overview of what MSU could do better with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  5. Answer the relevant prompt:
  6. Optional: If you have a resume, attach it to your application in pdf format. The resume will help prepare you for the oSTEM Career Fair that takes place at the conference.
  7. Optional: Is there anything else you wish to mention?


Student Sponsorship

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