Description: In order to remain in the Ph.D. program, a student must sustain consistent and satisfactory progress towards the degree, including maintaining grades in accordance with The Graduate School standards.

Timeline: Each Ph.D. student is evaluated annually by the entire faculty. This evaluation typically takes place at the beginning of spring semester.

Outcomes: There are three possible outcomes for the Timely and Satisfactory Progress evaluation:

  • The student passes and continues with his or her studies.
  • The student is put on probation and given one year to improve the quality of his or her graduate work.
  • The student fails and is dropped from the Ph.D. program.

Note: All students who have completed at least two semesters in the Ph.D. program at the start of summer semester are required to meet with their academic committee members at least once per year to provide an update on their progress and to receive feedback. The results of this meeting will be provided as information to the whole faculty during the annual review of Ph.D, students.

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